Company policy

Company charter


Following the example of our strategic activity sector, our company has surely the need to create fame and a reputation. So by the mean of this charter which is based on our proper values and our concrete experience in the sector, we commit ourselves to take into consideration the needs and to come up to expectations of all stakeholders of GOLOBAL BBS. Thus, we would like to share our frame of mind and out methodology making a sincere approach for a sustainable development not only with all our associates, customers and suppliers but also, with our competitors We are convinced that an investment in the human capital and a coherent development is possible. At EURL GBBS, the human qualities in the broad sense are acknowledged as much as technical and functional competences. More than simple principles, these foundations transmit a real line of conduct adopted by GBBS and shared by its collaborators. It symbolizes the foundations of all our trade, professional and personal relations and requires to be shared for the daily communication. The essential purpose of this charter is to formalize these principles under a form of a common organism of reference within the company so that everyone can consult it in any circumstances. These principles need the sense of responsibilities of everyone, and constitute so many useful landmarks for all stakeholders of the company.

Our values

The mind of initiative

L'esprit d'initiative

We made bet to insert into our company a new model of sustainable development, encouraging both proactive steps of our collaborators and the team spirit.

The company responsibility

L'esprit d'initiative

A company cannot only wait for a growth from its turnover but must consequently take into consideration the social and environmental dimensions linked to its activity.

The professionalism

L'esprit d'initiative

the contentment of our customers and the quality of our benefits rests on our expertise, our know-how and our capacity to innovate in the profession.



L'esprit d'initiative

A major condition to guarantee a sustainable relation between stakeholders for a group synergy in the service of development.


L'esprit d'initiative

The listening is the foundation of any exchange so it allows an emergence of new ideas and to remain competitive in a hard competitive environment. We promise to be always listening to our customers and our collaborators to fit as much as we can into their needs and to anticipate them, to build a solid relation.


L'esprit d'initiative

It is a source of wealth and it favors exchanges, and open-minded of everyone and allows therefore the company to advance and to take largeness.

Objective of improvement

We lean on the company competences and all tools of management that are current; we would like to:

Our action principles


Motivate our collaborators

We try hard to offer a model of firm centered on the ethics, sharing and mutual respect. In that way, we are listening to propositions of our employees. We get involved in the training of our future collaborators (trainees, learners ….), we favor associative and citizen commitment of the collaborators of the company .


To Satisfy customers

We are attentive to their needs and expectation, and we always assess and maximize the contentment of our customers.


Respect our competitors

As any company, we try to exceed our competitors while remaining honest and transparent.